Photo of water drops falling on a spiral glass piece.

Light Painting Workshops by Hugo Baptista - Coming soon...

Still from 3D animation of public library.

Photo of an art installation near Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon.

Billboard of a complex of buildings built in The Hague.

Light painting a globe using optical fiber.

3D Illustration made with self-made textures gathered in a church in essex england

Light Painting Photography of a playground at night.

3D render of an office building in Rotterdam.

Recent Projects

  • Noctiball
    Video from photos taken during the 1st light painting workshop by Hugo Baptista.
  • Light Goes On
    Compilation of some of my best light painting photography in 2013.
  • Primitives
    An ode to the geometric primitives through light painting, digital mixing and music.
  • 68 Days
    68 day time-lapse of a corner of my garden swinging to the rhythm of the sun.

Light Painting World Alliance

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Recent Photos